A Growing Tradition

Summer 2008 the economy slow. To vacation? Or not? Said my sanity GO!
Sure, gas prices are high, but there is truth in the knowing-
Time waits for no one, And my children are growing.

We considered the cost, The “prose” and the cons-
And invited my sister and husband to “please tag along”.
It would lower  expenses and be a welcome addition,
To what has become “Our family tradition”.
A tradition of driving from Pittsburgh by car.
(Northern beaches are closer but not up to par). Crowded, commercial, they do not come close
To the jewel we have found on the west crystal coast.

Clean pristine beaches, nature preserved, Gulls, wind and surf the sounds to be heard.
This beautiful beach, my boys innocent smiles, Are but two of the reasons –
We Love Emerald Isle.
Oh, to wake every morning, To a good cup of joe- The sun on the sill- No place that to go-
Spying for dolphins, A late morning swim- I set out on a walk to take it all in-
I  had not gone far when, from the core of my being,
I feel overwhelmed by the beauty I’m seeing…

“This day at the beach The Lord hath made,
Smell the warm salty breezes, Hear the crashing green waves.
Relentless in rhythm, a frothy white beat-
Hissing sand heralds surfs every retreat.

Barefoot I stroll, sun hanging high-
Stiff breezes belabor Sea Gulls passing by.
Winged seaside sentries- Peruse God’s buffet-
Anxious to sample, “The catch of the day”.
Small fish unsuspecting, have not a clue-
As to their fate yet, Pelicans do!
They “drop in” for a meal from currents above-
“Salt water snacks” they dearly so love.
Cumulus clouds, higher than high-
Vie for a slice of azure blue sky.

The kid in me hopeful, for that one perfect shell-
In this wave? Or the next? Perseverance will tell…
Footprints close behind me, I press ever on-
Wind, sand and surf united in song-
This God ordained chorus, of wind, sand and sea,
At least, for this moment, seem sung “just for me”!

The “rest” of the day we while, slow away, be it reading a book, or, watching the children at play.
We love evening kite flying with room that to run-
The sound poised to swallow the late evening sun.
Late now, and off in the car on a sweet, sticky mission-
“Ice Cream For All!” completes our tradition.
A tradition of Emerald Isle with my family, My boys and my wife…
Yes, “Time waits for no one… So precious is life…

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