Family Traditions: Our Family History of Vacations at Emerald Isle

My family history of visiting Emerald Isle for our annual summer vacation began in 1968 when my sister Sue J. Miller and her husband Dave Miller purchased a lot at 1303 Ocean Drive in Emerald Isle. The purchase was made through Miss Simmons and her brother, Mr. Batten. At that time business was conducted from their home which later became the first office of Emerald Isle Realty.

While the Millers were building their cottage, much of which was done by the owners themselves, our family, which included my parents, rented the cottage at 605 Ocean Drive for our family week at the beach so that the Millers could tend to construction at their new cottage. We continued renting at 605 Ocean Drive until the Miller cottage was completed in 1972 with the first rental season in 1973. All rentals were handled by Emerald Isle Realty until the Millers sold their cottage in 2000. We continued staying at the old “Miller” cottage even thought the Millers no longer were the owners. Too many fond memories were there for us to go to another cottage and Emerald Isle continued to serve as our rental contact.

For 43 years our family has been coming to Emerald Isle and we have been faithful clients of Emerald Isle Realty. Now our children want to continue this family tradition for their children and this week in the summer has become our “Family Reunion”. Reservations are made a year ahead and everyone puts the date on their calendar so that all will be present the following year for this wonderful time together at the Crystal Coast and the lovely, quiet family beaches at Emerald Isle. Now four generations of our family are carrying on this tradition.

Liz Waters

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