Family Traditions: Why Did We Wait So Long?

Four families in three vehicles, from three locations: Missouri, Virginia, and Florida. We converged at Reverie on May 29, 2010, and immediately selected our personal bedroom suite – each with balconies looking out to sea. After quickly unpacking, and breaking the elevator for the first time, we headed to the pool, beach, and easy chair. The weather on our arrival was perfect, as it was during most of our visit.

Cooking for ten is always a challenge, but several family members volunteered for the role of chef of the day, and there were no complaints about provisions! Fortunately, there was sufficient alcohol, diet soft drinks, ice cream and snacks to quell any potential mutiny! Somehow we even survived without the use of a working oven.

Days of sun and nights of splashing surf under starlit skies seemed to pass all to swiftly. There were also other diversions, including fishing, shopping, birthday celebrations, sightseeing, and golf. Darrell was granted extra fun in dealing with dip stick related issues.

Mercifully, no one suffered serious injury, and on June 5 the families departed, returning home with the memories depicted in this book, and the hope for another vacation just like this one, and very soon.