How Do You Put Into Words

How do you put into words something that means the world to you, something that you begin to plan the minute you cross the bridge off the island?

It all started in 1988 with an Emerald Isle Realty Brochure, the Point, and a beach house named SeaWatch with two families on their first adventure to Emerald Isle, NC. The smell of the sea, the feel of the sand between our toes, boogey boards, body surfing… the ocean captured me and it hasn’t let me go yet, and I know it never will.

The ocean at our doorstep enabled me to be closer to the sights of the sounds of the ocean. I would walk out the door, and stare at the waves as if something magical was going to happen at any moment.

In the 21 years I have been coming to Emerald Isle I have witnessed its magic in the form of a dolphin playing in the waves, a flock of pelicans flying over, ghost crabs crawling across your toes, sea turtle trackings and God’s fireworks lighting up the night sky and sometimes the afternoon sky during a storm.

This year I did something I have never done before. I stayed out every night until eleven waiting for a sea turtle nest to hatch. Unfortunately, I left on Saturday and I found out that 63 hatchlings erupted on Monday. Oh I was so close to viewing something I had hoped for every year! Maybe next year…

Whether it be at SeaWatch, or another beach house the week at Emerald Isle is magical because of the people you are with each year. These experiences are not just mine to share, they are my husband’s and sons, my sisters, my daughter-in-law, my aunts and cousin, my nieces and nephews, my dad and my closest friends. The week at the ocean brings family and friends together which I am forever grateful.

Seashells, shark teeth, star fish, sand still in the bottom of your flip flops, Elly’s fudge, Food Lion receipts, and lots of pictures always find a way home with you, but it is the wonder of the tides and the surf that will never leave your heart..

– Jane Rastetter

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