Our Family Story

Our family learned about Emerald Isle from a friend of my sister who moved to North Carolina. The very next year (1988) my sister and her family went for their first vacation. The next year my husband and I, our two girls and my parents joined the fun. In the years since various other family members have joined us for our annual jaunt to this peaceful place. As time went by, some of us would venture down at other times of the year when we needed to find solice – either alone or in ones or twos. My parents each spent their last summer beach visit at Emerald Isle surrounded by their whole family. Traditions formed: Yana’s for breakfast; kayaking; fresh shrimp from the shrimp truck; fresh fish from ‘the guy near the bridge’; Dairy Queen at night; feeding the turtles over by Rucker Johns; Fran’s gift Shop, Bert’s, mini-golf, go-karts, etc. We’ve tried over the years to change our annual vacation venue thinking that a change of pace would be good. Whenever suggested the response was immediate: a complete family strike! We would of course travel and visit other places, but we ALWAYS had to have at least a week at Emerald Isle! Our oldest daughter Erin found East Carolina University on the way home from the beach in 1998. While at East Carolina she introduced Emerald Isle to all of her new-found friends. Now they too come – often when we are there. In April of 2006 Erin became engaged and announced that her wedding would take place on the beach at Emerald Isle. On 5/12/07 our daughter married Robbie barefoot on the beach at Pebble Beach in Emerald Isle. What a truly wonderful experience. Everyone we dealt with was wonderful. Cathy Smith who manages the clubhouse at Pebble Beach, the wonderful gals at Dee’s Flowers, Kell Killian the caterer, Robbie Caswell the photographer; everyone. The folks at Emerald Isle Realty who helped us find the perfect house with an elevator for our physically disabled relative. It was a perfect day. When I asked our daughter why she chose Emerald Isle for her wedding she responded “the best times of my life took place there. It’s where we loved each other best. I grew up a little bit more every summer at the beach. It’s where I learned that Robbie could become a real part of our family. It is my fantasy place.” This past week, our younger daughter Paige, who is 24 took her first ‘real adult’ vacation by herself. She could have chosen any where in the world. She chose Emerald Isle. “I wanted to start my own tradition at the most special place I know.” “I can go everywhere else later on.” “This year is special and I want to go to my favorite place first.” In short, Emerald Isle is part of us now. The traditions started in 1988 will live on beyond my sister and myself to future generations. First, second and third cousins have created memories here. These memories are forged and have created a common ground strengthening our family bonds. Sincerely, Cathy Worthington

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