Owning Emerald Isle: An Insider’s Look at the Real Estate Market

It’s easy to see why owning a piece of Emerald Isle is hot on the minds of our visitors. With a 29-mile island and peacefully preserved beaches, it’s easy to want to visit the island on a more permanent basis. So how do you know as a home buyer where to begin?  Our realtors can help by sharing with you where the home market is hottest for your real estate or investment needs.

With its picturesque surrounding, it’s easy to see that our most active home sales are right here on the island within the 28594 zip code. For those new to buying in Emerald Isle, you’ll be pleased to see your money can go a bit further these days, as the average price per square foot dropped in 2013, giving you more house for your money.


Here are some additional stats that may be of use to you as you plan your Emerald Isle real estate purchase:


245 Emerald Isle residential listings for sale

Average Sale Price to date: $ 370,291




Average Home Sales Price                      Average Price Per Sq Ft  

2012               $ 399,898                                                      $228

2013               $ 461,799                                                      $226



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