Read About Our Family Traditions

We have been coming to Emerald Isle since “about” 1983.  It started with
neighbors who had found the location a couple of years earlier.  They
recommended it to another couple, who invited us to come down for a
weekend.  “They” being a family with two small children and “we” being a
family with four small children.  We stayed in a house (cottage) in the
200 block of Ocean  Drive – 4 small bedrooms, living room/kitchen, 2
baths.  Within a few years there were 5 families from Richmond (neighbors
of the first two couples), who rented mostly from Emerald Isle) 4 to 5
houses within walking distance of each other on the beach, for many
years.  We rented year to year unless someone “lost” their house,
whereupon the five of us would traipse up and down the beach looking for
5 houses close together to rent for the next year.   I think we missed
one year, and did move to another Realty company for a year or two
because Emerald Isle could not find what we needed, however, for the
majority of this time period, we have been with Emerald Isle.  We
currently have our reservations for next year-2010- for Loggerhead
Landing East and West (2 sides of the duplex with 5 bedrooms each).  Our
family of four has grown to include our four children (3-4 make it every
year), their children, one set of  in-laws and their children and
grandchildren..  We have, over the years, included friends, boyfriends,
other in-laws, and have occasionally had to increase to three houses.
Our numbers run in the 20s, with the use of double beds,bunk beds, and
occasionally, and third house.  It’s cozy but fun.  When the five
families were all coming, we became a very large group (approximately 10
adults and 17 children most of the time) who would  “eat out” once during
our stay.  Restaurants were very accommodating,  Yes, we often went to
the same one the next year!

Over the years, the families have had to move around some and schedules
have changed, but four of the five families still come regularly, though
a week or so apart.  It IS a tradition with our family and friends, and
though we wonder from year to year, how long it will last, we will
continue as long as the majority of the group wants to come.  We’re now
working with the grandchildren who have been coming since they were born
and are now graduating from college.  Our present group came form
Philadelphia, PA, , Vienna, VA,  Richmond, VA and this year Syracuse, NY,
as well as flying in from Switzerland, and China.  Over the years, we
have spent lots of time in the water, sailed in the bay, surfed,
jet-skyed (sp?), clammed in the bay (on hands and knees) – takes days to
get the nails clean, sunbathed, chased sand crabs at night with
flashlights, enjoyed the beautiful sunsets and stars, and made  a lot of
wonderful memories.

Attached are three pictures : one from 1983 showing some of the group on
the beach, the second is our group for that year (2001) minus 2
“picture”, and the third shows some of the ones who have been coming
since they were born, serving  dinner for the group this year.

Pat & Ian Lorimer

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