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Featured Property of the Week: Church Street Inn – Smoky Hollow Suite 1

Update from the Editor: Just recently our Church Street rentals became unavailable. However, we do offer a variety of similar vacation rental condos.

This week’s Featured Property takes us to the beautiful Church Street Inn in Swansboro – just 12 miles from Emerald Isle.

Welcome to the luxurious Smoky Hollow Suite, which features a king-size bed with a custom mattress. This charming and cozy suite is beautifully decorated and features upscale amenities.

Some of those amenities include:

The Church Street Inn, located at 105 Church Street, is in a prime location. You’re within walking distance to a variety of boutiques, shops and restaurants. You’re also in the perfect location for the Swansboro Arts by the Sea Festival (in June) and the annual Mullet Festival of Swansboro (in October).

Be sure to view more photos of the Smoky Hollow Suite here. For more information on this rental, call Emerald Isle Realty at 855-891-1962.

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