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Emerald Isle Weather

No matter what time of year it is, Emerald Isle is always the best place to be. We’re proud that Emerald Isle is a four-season destination – a haven you can visit year-round with your loved ones.

View the current Emerald Isle weather forecast and learn more about the weather and average temperatures for each season. For other questions about the weather in Emerald Isle, call our Guest Services Department at (866) 586-6980.

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Emerald Isle, North Carolina experiences a humid subtropical climate, which means it generally has hot, humid summers and mild winters. Overall, the weather in Emerald Isle is most comfortable for outdoor activities during the spring and fall seasons when temperatures are moderate. Summer is ideal for beachgoers despite the heat, while winter offers a quieter, cooler experience for those who prefer less crowded beaches.

Current Weather Forecast for Emerald Isle, NC

Average Temperatures by Season in Emerald Isle, NC

Like most other southeastern U.S. cities, Emerald Isle, North Carolina experiences four distinct seasons. Being situated on a barrier island along the North Carolina coast with its proximity to the Gulf Stream and Atlantic Ocean, Emerald Isle’s weather is also impacted by oceanic weather patterns.


Spring (March – May): In spring, temperatures gradually rise from around 50-60°F in March to 70-80°F by May. This season brings a mix of sunny days and occasional rain showers, with increasing humidity as summer approaches.


Summer (June – August): Summers in Emerald Isle are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 80-90°F on average. July tends to be the warmest month. Thunderstorms are common, especially in the afternoon or evening, providing some relief from the heat.


Fall (September – November): Fall brings cooler temperatures and lower humidity compared to summer. September starts warm, around 80°F, but by November, temperatures drop to the 50-60°F range. It’s a pleasant time to visit due to milder weather and fewer crowds.


Winter (December – February): Winters in Emerald Isle are mild but can still be chilly. Daytime temperatures typically range from 50-60°F, while nights can dip into the 30s and 40s°F. Snow is rare, but occasional light frost can occur.

Monthly Averages for Emerald Isle, NC

Month Average High Average Low Average Precipitation Average Water Temp
January 55º 35º 4.82 inches 49º
February 58º 37º 3.53 inches 46º
March 65º 43º 4.45 inches 52º
April 73º 51º 3.04 inches 60º
May 79º 60º 4.62 inches 68º
June 85º 68º 4.77 inches 75º
July 89º 72º 5.76 inches 79º
August 87º 71º 6.10 inches 80º
September 83º 66º 4.99 inches 75º
October 75º 54º 3.56 inches 68º
November 67º 45º 3.58 inches 58º
December 58º 38º 3.91 inches 55º
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When is the Best Time to Visit Emerald Isle?

The best time of year to visit Emerald Isle, North Carolina depends largely on your preferences and the type of activities you have in mind. For most visitors, the shoulder seasons of spring and fall are a great time to visit Emerald Isle. These periods offer a good balance between moderate temperatures, fewer crowds and reasonable accommodation rates. However, if you’re primarily interested in beach activities and water sports, then the summer months would be more suitable. And if you’re interests prioritize relaxation, a winter beach trip to Emerald Isle should be on your to-do list.