Family Traditions

Emerald Isle Smiles

The vehicles of three adventurous families are all packed for Emerald Isle
From Cary and Greensboro, N.C and Severn, M.D we prepare to stay a while
Inside the cars is the harmonious cadence of kids and beautiful wives
In the coming week, we are all anticipating the best vacation of our lives

A perfect summer week waits as we draw nearer to our destination
The plans are completed for room assignments and a relaxing vacation
The parents prepare for an escape from the daily grind and the kids are ready to play
As we all greet each other warmly in our new home’s long driveway

The chatter is loud and the weekly meals have been discussed and planned
The cars are unpacked, drinks prepared, as we survey the land
Oldest boys, Carter, Mac and J.P, run through the house to pick their bunk beds
While the parents and younger boys know where to lay their heads

The excitement of the week propelled everyone to explore Key Lime
The game room was a great retreat and the pool was right on time
The moms loved the kitchen with the center island for the boys to eat
All the bedrooms had cool themes and a play station for everyone to compete

The days spent on the beach were perfect out in the 90-degree sun
Sand castles, playing cars and tossing the football was a lot of fun
The unforgettable sound of little boys giggling from their bellies makes me smile
Enjoying the company of your spouses, kids and friends makes it all worthwhile

The trip on the Ferry Boat was a hit; I know it won’t be the last
Searching for horses and sea shells and speeding over the choppy waves was a blast
The kids were all smiles after a visit to the Aquarium to see all the fish
The experience fulfilled Patrick, Nate’s and Lex’s vacation wish

Wednesday was ladies night and they went out to a local bar
The men had it under control; we know they didn’t go to far
After JP ran into the corner of the counter, and we cleaned up the blood
The lady’s arrived back home and Dot’s eyes were amongst a flood

Nobody was sure what to make of the tears and then it came out
Tom, we are having a third child she started to shout
The room was filled with an aura of disbelief, excitement and joy
Fun spirited conversations went on for the next hour, could it be another boy?

Thursday ended up being a day for individual families to hang out
The Heller’s flew kites on the beach; mine went the highest I heard Gerard shout
The Arida’s went miniature golfing and Mac got his first hole in one
While the Lyons’s hung out by the pool enjoying the last rays of sun

A great week filled with celebrations ending on July the fourth
Young friendships established and wonderful news of a birth
Three families uniting as one creating traditions and a bond to always share
Memories of fun times, silly disagreements and people who care

Vacation week is over; we all have to return to the city
Back to work and reality to face the boring nitty-gritty
We will all really miss this place and look forward to coming back
To Emerald Isle, N.C to get our memories back on track

MJL 9/10/08