Proposal Ideas in Emerald Isle NC

Romantic Proposals in Emerald IsleA couple’s getaway to the beautiful shores of Emerald Isle is the perfect place to plan your proposal. Picking the perfect way to propose can be a daunting and even intimidating task, but we’ve come up with some romantic ideas to propose that she’s sure to love.




Message in the Sand
Couple on Emerald Isle Beach -- Guy on Knee
Find the perfect spot on the beach where you want to ask the big question and take a stick and write your message to her in the sand. You’re going to want to be sure you have chosen a spot where the tide will not wash away what you have written. One you have done the first part of the plan; suggest taking a stroll down the beach. Once you near the spot tell her to go see what it says as you walk behind her and get ready with the ring for when she turns back towards you.

Picnic Moonlit Beach
Couple with Heart Candles on Beach
Plan a romantic evening picnic with the stars and moon right above the two of you. Be sure the meal is light, clean and simple; such as wine, cheese, fruit, etc. Keep the ring hidden at the bottom on the basket or in your pocket and tell her you have another surprise for her. Compare her beautify to that of the night sky and the ocean. Place the ring in front of her and ask the question.

Proposal in a Bottle
This once again involves a picnic idea, but in the day time. This doesn’t need to be as fancy but make sure you pack all her favorite foods to show that you listen and know what she likes. Once you all are done eating, pretend that you see something in the sand and go over to see what it is. Once you get to the spot pull out from your pocket a prepared message in a bottle with your proposal inside it (or have it sticking out of the sand a tad if you don’t want to carry it with you). Bring her the bottle to open and see what is inside. Once she reads the message, have your ring ready for her. 

Ring in a Shell
Couple with Wine Glasses on Beach
Pearls have been hidden in oyster shells for ages and are always a rare find and unforgettable experience.  Why not see if she can find a wedding ring in one? You will have to find a shell large enough on the beach or purchase one big enough to hold your ring without it getting stuck inside. Convince your partner to go pearl hunting with you and once you have separated a tad, pull the shell out of your pocket and place it in the open for her to find. Once she finds it, have her open it and when she sees it ask the big question. 

Use the Dog
If there is a dog in your relationship, get your furry friend involved in the proposal. Have your dog know a spot where you have hidden treats that he has practiced digging them up at. Let the dog loose and have the two of you chase it to the spot. As he digs for the treats (make sure the ring is in a box or might eat it) have her see what he is digging up. Once she has the ring, ask the question and wait for the answer.

The best part about proposing at the beach is that there are endless possibilities. Be sure to check out our oceanfront vacation rentals for your couple’s getaway. You will find the Emerald Isle is the perfect location for popping the question.


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