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Going on a vacation with your family to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast sometimes means taking your furry family members as well. We offer a large selection of pet friendly rentals to insure the entire family stays together.

Airlines have long lists of rules and travel restrictions on type of animals that can fly, so be sure to check your airlines rules and regulations before traveling with your pet.


  • All airlines require proof of vaccinations and a Health Certificate.
  • Your animal type and size will determine where it can travel on the airplane.
  • If your animal is large enough to be crated, you must ensure its airline approved for transportation as cargo.
  • Don’t forget to have your veterinarian’s contact information just in case.


When traveling with pets, the top travel method is by car.

  • The safest way for your pet to travel in your car is in a crate (medium to large size dog) or a carrier (small dog or cat) that have been anchored to the car by a seatbelt or other secure means. The crate or carrier should be secured in the back seat in the event of airbag deployment.
  • To avoid car sickness, ensure your pet travels on an empty stomach.
  • It’s good to keep fresh air flow to your pet.
  • Don’t forget frequent rest stop breaks. Be sure your pet has a collar, ID Tags and leash when out at a rest stop.
  • Your pet should never be left unattended outside or in the car. Remember the temperate inside a car on 85-degree day can reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes and only gets hotter as time progresses.
  • Be sure your pet’s shots are up to date.
  • Ensure you have current pictures of your pet, just in case.

Traveling to the beach with your pet can be a fun and fulfilling experience and when done correctly and with the proper precautions, will mean safety for them, the driver and the passengers.

Lady with Dog on Emerald Isle Beach8-14-2014 Pet Friendly Dog on BeachPet Friendly on Emerald Isle

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