Out and About in Atlantic Beach

Located along the Crystal Coast is a small yet accommodating beach town called Atlantic Beach. This area is popular among visitors and is known for its beautiful vistas of the water as well as its long stretches of pristine beaches. Here are some top places you should visit while in Atlantic Beach:

  1. Oceanana Fishing PierOut and About 2 (Oceanana Pier)
    A recognizable trademark of Atlantic Beach, the Oceanana Pier is one of the hottest spots to hang out at. Not only does the pier provide excellent views of the water with plenty of spaces to relax, but here you can experience some of the best fishing down the Crystal Coast. If you’re looking to make a day of it, the pier also has some small shops and places for a quick bite to eat, so you can make the most of your trip to the pier.
  2. Hoop Pole Creek Nature Trail
    Looking to get an up close view of the nature on the Crystal Coast? The Hoop Pole Creek Nature Trail is perfect for a mild walk or even a challenging hike for discovering wildlife. Going through the maritime forests and occasionally through some marshes, you’ll be immersing yourself in Atlantic Beach’ awesome outdoor settings. Some parts of this trail are not covered or offer very little shade, so it’s recommended that you plan accordingly.
  3. Fort Macon State ParkOut and About 1
    Discover some of North Carolina’s history and visit Fort Macon State Park. Surrounded by a beach accessible to the public, this park is a crucial piece of Civil War history and retains much of the same design and aesthetics as it did during operations. Here you can learn about life on the battlefield and how the Civil War took place by the coast. The museum is also especially knowledgeable offering tours of the fort and more.


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