Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary!

Emerald Isle Realty Celebrating Its 60th Anniversary in 2022

Family-Owned Rental and Real Estate Company Has Welcomed More Than 3 Million Visitors to the Crystal Coast 

EMERALD ISLE, N.C. USA, April 20, 2022 Emerald Isle Realty, an iconic coastal North Carolina family-owned business, today announced that 2022 marks its 60th year of operation. 

What began as a kind neighbor keeping beach house keys for friends and charging a “little something” for a stay is now a thriving rental and real estate business 60 years later. 

Emerald Isle Realty now manages more than 700 vacation and annual rentals and is a perennial top-producing real estate sales team for homes throughout the Crystal Coast and neighboring towns. Throughout its 60 years, Emerald Isle Realty has hosted more than 3 million visitors on the Crystal Coast, with properties extending from Emerald Isle to Atlantic Beach and including Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, and others located in nearby small towns. 

Julia Batten Wax, her husband, Mark, and their children, Nathan, Allison, and James, are owners of the business that Julia’s Aunt Mildred started in 1962. Julia’s brother, David Batten, partner in Raleigh law firm Batten and Lee, is also a part owner and silent partner to the family business. 

While Aunt Mildred originally retired to Emerald Isle to enjoy surf fishing for bluefish and flounder, she certainly didn’t intend to start a real estate business. However, she embraced the experience and helped shape what it is today through her southern charm and charisma. Her beach neighbors asked her to keep their keys and charge just a “little something” for their friends to stay. From this humble beginning, Emerald Isle Realty was born. 

Emerald Isle Realty was founded on neighborliness and hospitality, which remain key touchstones of the business today. Airbnb and VRBO options usually get the media buzz, but Emerald Isle Realty prides itself on the ability to be the best friends at the beach for its vacation rental guests, sales clients and homeowners. This friendly yet professional service is made possible with the family’s deep, decades-old local knowledge and the know-how from a staff of approximately 100. 

“One of the things that has been the most rewarding for us is that we consider our guests to be part of the family and treat them like the family we love best,” Julia explained. “We apply this same spirit to our employees by nurturing a company culture where all our staff members know we will take care of each other and by offering generous salary and benefits as well.” 

Emerald Isle Realty does not take for granted the beautiful surroundings that attract so many to the Crystal Coast each year. The company is dedicated to preserving the wildlife and maritime ecological health of the area through a strong partnership with the NC Coastal Federation. The NC Coastal Federation is focused on protecting and restoring the North Carolina coast. In addition to this partnership, when building its office in the early 1990s and more recently, an on-site pavilion for arriving guests, Emerald Isle Realty made a point to maintain the existing topography of the land and preserve as many existing trees as possible. 

“We understand the gift of the island’s natural beauty that we’re sharing this with our guests and the other folks living down here,” explained Julia. “Both residents and guests want beautiful clean waters, so the shrimp are happy and the oysters grow readily. We’re focused on preserving this magical place. 

“Another way Carteret County is truly special is our local heritage. We love our down east community and appreciate and support in numerous ways the work of the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center,” Julia added when describing another cherished partnership. 

Emerald Isle Realty is proud to offer a portfolio of the finest homes on the Crystal Coast. Offerings include elegant and spacious Sand Castle homes, whimsical condos, and Julia’s personal favorite – the authentic, vintage Classic Carolina Cottages. Not only are the accommodations wonderful but the Emerald Isle Realty family prides itself on offering each guest a personal welcome to the island plus an ice cream treat. 

Julia summed up Emerald Isle Realty’s heart for hospitality by saying, “We don’t want to be your beach friends for just one blissful week. We want to be your island friends for the rest of your life.” 

Throughout 2022, you’ll see Emerald Isle Realty events and partnerships with businesses throughout the community. Crystal Coast residents and visitors will be invited to participate, so stay tuned for further information. 

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About Emerald Isle Realty 

Emerald Isle Realty is a family-owned rental and real estate company headquartered in Emerald Isle, N.C. The company’s properties extend from Emerald Isle to Atlantic Beach and include Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Salter Path as well as annual rentals and sales in nearby small mainland towns. Emerald Isle Realty has been committed to providing southern hospitality, North Carolina style, to guests nationwide and beyond for 60 years. 

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