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Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary!

Emerald Isle Realty Celebrating Its 60th Anniversary in 2022 Family-Owned Rental and Real Estate Company Has Welcomed More Than 3 Million Visitors to the Crystal Coast  EMERALD ISLE, N.C. USA, April 20, 2022 – Emerald Isle Realty, an iconic coastal North Carolina family-owned business, today announced that 2022 marks its 60th year of operation.  What […]

Best Shelling Beaches Along North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Discover the best shelling beaches along North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks. Learn about the different types of seashells and get other useful shelling tips.

Featured Property of The Week – It’s About Lime

It's About Lime is located on the middle row of Sea Dreams, a luxurious coastal community in Atlantic Beach.

Featured Property of The Week – Cake by the Ocean

This week’s featured property, Cake By The Ocean, is a cozy cottage set up for you to have a memorable escape under the sun.

5 Must-see Spots this Spring on the Crystal Coast

From the trails of a natural reserve to gazing upon the dolphin-splashing ocean, cue the list for five must-see spots on the Crystal Coast.

Featured Property of The Week: Village West

This week’s featured properties are located in Village West, Emerald Isle’s newest community. They're perfect for beach living!

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Emerald Isle Wedding

To help your special day go off without a hitch, here's our best advice for finding the right Emerald Isle venue for you to say, “I do!”

Celebrating Vacation Rental Week

Emerald Isle Realty is celebrating Vacation Rental Week! Book your stay today or choose a professional manager (like us!) to rent your vacation property.

Featured Property of The Week – Emerald View

This week’s featured property, Emerald View, is packed with the desired amenities for any family searching for their perfect coastal retreat.

Featured Property of the Week: Top Notch Too West

This week's featured property, Top Notch Too West, will undoubtedly whisk you away to the comfort and charm of Emerald Isle.

Fun Activities for Kids this Spring on the Crystal Coast

To make planning easier for you and your family, we've put together a list of fun activities for kids this spring on t­­he Crystal Coast.

Featured Property Of The Week – Thank God

There’s nothing quite like a getaway to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast! Thank God is an oceanfront cottage on the beach of Emerald Isle.

Beach Wedding Homes with Stunning Ocean Views

We’re highlighting the perfect wedding homes with stunning ocean views for your big day. These properties will sweep you off your feet!

Featured Property Of The Week – Paws in the Sand

From soaking up the sun to cruising through the oceanside towns of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, this beach rental is your gateway to bliss.

5 Reasons to Kick the New Year Off with a Beach Vacation

A coastal getaway has a unique way of renewing our perspectives and inspiring a positive outlook on the new year.

Featured Property Of The Week – Sea Isle

This week’s featured property, Sea Isle, provides you with ample space for comfort and many desirable amenities.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Crystal Coast Beach Communities

Did you know that the Crystal Coast is made up of more than 10 different communities? We'll explore them all in today's blog.

Where to Go for a Couples Weekend Getaway in North Carolina

From beautiful beaches to charming communities to plentiful activities, it's easy to see what makes Emerald Isle the perfect place for a couple’s weekend getaway in North Carolina.

Featured Property of the Week: Casa de la Playa

Boasting five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms, this casita provides every guest with the desired amenities and much more.

6 Reasons to Plan Your Family Reunion in Emerald Isle

Nothing compares to a family reunion in Emerald Isle. Enjoying all the Crystal Coast has to offer will make your next family reunion the best one yet!

Featured Property of the Week — The Lucky Penny

This magnificent oceanfront cottage is perfect for families or large groups looking to live out a beach getaway to remember for a lifetime.

Best Things to Do During the Holidays on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast

The holidays have begun and North Carolina’s Crystal Coast is embracing the festive season. Explore some of the best things to do this year!

Featured Property of the Week — Changing Tides East

Changing Tides East is the duplex you want for any group vacation. Get the most out of the coast with this oceanfront property!

Top 10 Things to Do in Beaufort

From breathtaking waterfront views to shops, historic sites, tours and more, you're sure to enjoy these top 10 things to do in Beaufort, NC.

Featured Property of The Week – Neptune

An oceanfront cottage like Neptune begs to stand out. The sky-blue and sugar-white exterior promise the kind of party only seen in classic beach movies.