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Visit Crystal Coast Area Museums, Parks and Attractions from Home

We’ve put together a few fun ways for you to explore North Carolina’s Crystal Coast online. Visit and experience some of your favorite Crystal Coast museums, parks and attractions from the comforts of your own home. From virtual events to behind-the-scenes videos to learning activities, learn more about the places you’ve already visited and maybe even discover a few new places to add to your to-do list.

The Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks

One of the allures of the southern Outer Banks are the wild horses of Shackleford Banks. These majestic creatures are truly a sight to see as they roam the shoreline and take shelter in the maritime forests of this remote island. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these wild […]

Featured Property of The Week – Boardwalk Bungalow

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling revitalized, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee and gazing upon the sunrise and view from the backyard that is the Crystal Coast. It’s one of the added benefits of staying at an oceanfront vacation rental, like this week’s featured property called Boardwalk Bungalow. Newly constructed for 2020, this […]

Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Activities and Things to Do Along North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks

North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks are rich in natural beauty and offer and abundance of outdoor activities for young and old alike. Whether you’re looking for things to do outdoors on a long weekend getaway or entertaining the whole family for a week-long vacation, you’re sure to find something for everyone. Discover more ways to […]

Featured Property of The Week – Tradewinds East

Coastal living is a mixture of laid-back style with a carefree mentality backed by gorgeous sunsets and views of the water from just about anywhere. This week’s featured property Tradewinds East is a newly renovated third-row duplex with three bedrooms and three bathrooms with enough space for the entire family that gives you the coastal […]

4 Things to Consider Before Buying A Vacation Home

So, you’ve been visiting North Carolina’s Crystal Coast for years with your family now and you’re considering the option of buying your very own vacation home. But purchasing a vacation home is a huge investment, so how do you know if it’s the right decision? In order to help you make the most informed decision […]

Best Shelling Beaches in North Carolina’s Outer Banks

For locals and visitors alike, a favorite pastime on the Outer Banks is taking a scenic stroll along the beach, breathing in the fresh ocean air and finding beautiful seashells along the way. If you know where to look, the area can be a beachcomber’s paradise, with a variety of seashells ranging in size, color […]

Celebrating Vacation Rental Week

Emerald Isle Realty is thrilled to participate in the first annual Vacation Rental Week – the vacation rental industry’s first of its kind! We would like to use this opportunity to highlight the value and key benefits of professionally-managed vacation rentals for both guests and property owners alike, and to encourage you to book a […]

Featured Property of the Week – All About Bubbles

There’s a word to describe the way you get when you’re happy, excited and cheerful with high spirits: it’s bubbly. This week’s featured property, All About Bubbles, captures that exact feeling in a six-bedroom, six-bathroom oceanfront cottage with so much to offer. It’s a family oasis for the perfect beach vacation and it’s available to […]

Best Rentals for Your Spring Break

It’s been a long winter, and we’re all looking forward to the warmer weather in the months ahead. More specifically, we’re looking forward to Spring Break on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast! Emerald Isle and the surrounding beach communities offer the perfect vacation spots for families who want a fun but relaxing beach vacation. Check out […]

Featured Property of The Week – Luxury Sands

In our opinion, nothing is more luxurious than being steps away from sticking your feet in the sand, feeling the ocean breeze on your skin and watching an Emerald Isle sunset. Fortunately for you, we have the perfect property to provide just that. Luxury Sands is this week’s featured property boasting seven bedrooms and four […]

Featured Property of The Week – Pebble Beach D207

Modern chic meets the comforts of the Crystal Coast at this week’s featured property, Pebble Beach D207. This cozy condo provides the perfect space for a small family getaway or couples retreat in the heart of Emerald Isle. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, numerous condominium complex amenities and being close to local attractions, this condo […]

Best Attractions and Things to Do in Emerald Isle

Known for its beautiful beaches and cozy coastal communities, the Crystal Coast is a premier vacation spot for family and friends alike. From quality time spent at the beach to embarking on new adventures, here are some of our recommendations for the best attractions and things to do while visiting Emerald Isle. Beach Time is […]

Featured Property of The Week – Cardinal

Cardinals are known for their intelligence, striking red color and unique song that is well known around the world. It’s only fitting that this week’s featured property is named after this beautiful bird, as it features red-hued Brazilian walnut decks surrounding the cottage and grabs attention like a stunning red cardinal bird along the Crystal […]

Featured Property of The Week – Hooked on The View

Family reunions or group vacations are about to get a lot better, and once you check out the view from this custom-built cottage, you’ll be hooked. This week’s featured property, Hooked on the View, is a massive second row cottage that boasts seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, and features premium amenities like a game room […]

Best Things to Do During the Holidays on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast

With the holidays in full swing, it is one of the best times to visit the Crystal Coast with friends or family! Cooler weather, fewer crowds and small-town holiday decorations make the perfect backdrop for a memorable vacation that could possibly become a fun tradition for years to come. Whether you are visiting the Crystal […]

Featured Property of The Week – Sea Worthy

Located in the middle of Emerald Isle, this week’s featured property is perfect for your next family or friends’ vacation. A luxurious custom-built oceanfront home, Sea Worthy is a four-bedroom, three and a half bathroom getaway that provides some of the best views you can only get along the Crystal Coast. Be sure to see […]

Top 10 Reasons to Have an Emerald Isle Destination Wedding

There’s a lot that goes into planning a destination wedding and it’s no secret the process can be a bit overwhelming. It seems that once you dip your toes into the planning process, you and your fiancé are immediately flooded with decisions to make up until the wedding day. Whether you’re planning a large formal […]

Top Places to See the Most Amazing Sunsets on NC’s Crystal Coast

When it comes to natural wonders, it’s hard to find much that compares to the majesty of a beautiful North Carolina sunset. From the muted hues of red, orange and pink, to the quiet whisper of the sun dropping behind the horizon, it is one of the best things you can experience outdoors. Especially, if […]

Featured Property of The Week – Prescription Pad

If a coastal vacation with breathtaking views, easy beach access and luxurious accommodations is just what the doctor ordered, then we have you covered with this week’s featured property! Prescription Pad is a beautiful oceanview cottage in Emerald Isle, NC and boasts 5-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, private pool access and much more! This cottage is also a […]

Plan the Perfect Fall Vacation to North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks

With the summer months behind us, Emerald Isle is ready to embrace the fall season with open arms and we hope you are too. The beaches are still nice and warm to visit, but the town transitions with the season for a refreshing time along the Crystal Coast. And as the weather cools just slightly, […]

Featured Property of The Week – Blue Grass

With the ocean and coastline as the backyard view, it’s no wonder this week’s featured property is named Blue Grass. This oceanfront home is spacious and perfect for large groups, family reunions or friends’ vacations. With a total of 10 bedrooms, there’s plenty of room for everyone to relax in comfort. Blue Grass is also […]

5 Ideas for Celebrating Your Anniversary in Emerald Isle

Anniversaries come around once a year and it’s always a truly special time between you and your loved one, so why not take it to the next level and embark on a trip to Emerald Isle to fall in love all over again. With its relaxing atmosphere and laid-back style, Emerald Isle makes for a […]

Featured Property of The Week – Watercolours

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful masterpieces painted across the sky every day in Emerald Isle. This is one of the many reasons why people visit and come back year after year. The same can be said for this week’s featured property, appropriately named Watercolours. This oceanfront cottage boasts a massive four-level floorplan and has 9-bedrooms […]

Featured Property of The Week – Let Me Count The Waves

How do we love thee’ featured property of the week? Let Me Count The Waves! While the property didn’t inspire that famous line in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s love sonnet, it’s nonetheless an inspiring oceanfront property that will make you fall in love with the Crystal Coast. The Ideal Space This 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom property has seriously […]